Farewell to the Course

7 Jun

It is a little bit hard to farewell to the Course because I had enjoyable times during the course times. I remember my first week, I just looked around and tried to understand the aim of the course. At first week, when the teacher explained which tasks we were responsible for, I mixed up because technological things scared me up to that time but week by week, I understood that the course wasn’t like that I mixed. Before the lesson, I was just a facebook user because I did not have any attention to the technology but now I have even a website ūüôā The most thing that I liked most doing during the course is creating a website. When I was bored, I entered my page and prepared something and I became more relax.

My last words about the course are interesting, entertaining, motivating.

Thanks Sedat teacher very much for making us think such positive things about the Course.

12th Week- Weebly

2 Jun

Last week’s topic was¬†Weebly. We all are responsible for making our websites on Weebly as a final project. When I prepared my website, I decided that Weebly is very easy to use and understand for everyone. I did not bored ¬†while creating my website, even I felt happy ūüôā

11th Week- Audioboo

2 Jun

11th week’s topic was how to create podcasts in¬†Audioboo website.¬†¬†Audioboo users can record podcasts directly into Audio Boo’s web-based library and/or upload audio files.¬†Audioboo¬†allows users to share their podcasts either directly on the Audioboo web site or upload podcasts to Facebook, Twitter, etc. Excellent idea for students! Everyone can join and benefit from¬†Audioboo.

10th Week- Digital Storytelling

2 Jun

10th week’s topic was digital storytelling. According to me, Digital Storytelling is a vital tool that will help keep students engaged. We learnt that we can create our digital story with using movie maker or storyjumper. I think preparing own digital story on storyjumper is enjoyable than movie maker because when I prepared my digital story, movie maker made me bored. We use visuals,texts and edit them on both sites while creating our digital stories but storyjumper is more colourful than the other but both of them are necessary in teaching English to young learners.

9th Week- Social Network

2 Jun

9th week’s topic was social network. All of us know that what the social network are and what we do with them. Facebook, Twitter, Skype, Google Talk etc.. These are sites that can be a good way to make connections with people with similar interests and goals. These sites major benefit is meeting people and staying connected with classmates and friends.¬†

Billions of people spend their time with using social networks and being online. Everone can follow the news all over the world and of course keep in touch with each other.

8h Week- Wiziq

2 Jun

8h week’s topic was online conference tools such as,WiZ iQ, Alado. WiZ iQ¬†is an online learnin website that you.If you¬†a member of WiZ iQ, you can either be a teacher or a student. As a student, you can search for free study material like online classes and tests related to the subject or exam you’re studying for. As a teacher on Wiz iQ, you can create your own teaching profile and join the e-teaching community discussion. To sum up, If you are a member of¬†WiZ iQ, you absolutely get all the informations that you need from this site.¬†

7th Week- ”Nicenet and Dokeos”

2 Jun

7th week’s topic was ”Nicenet” and ”Dokeos”. These are for creating an online classroom.¬†Nicenet is a course management tool¬†that teachers can work with their students. It provides an easy way to communicate with other students and teachers and it is free. It allows users to save copies of messages and to easily send messages to other members of the class. Actually, I do not prefer using Nicenet beacuse¬†it requires time for everyone to learn to use it, but it ¬†quickly become routine.

Dokeos¬†is also an open source e-learning and course management tool and aims to¬†¬†benefit from online education¬†in which face to face and online education are mixed. Teachers can organize¬†¬†teaching using the features such as conference, chat, blogs and forums. Teachers can decide on the features and select them according to the learner’s needs. Its most useful feature is providing¬†a free campus, where the teacher can register and create a course.